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RefluXxer 3Namics Blacktapes

After having defeated the Spanish Flu refluXxer tonite will cure your bodies with his driving bass and ingenious techno sounds straight from the underground... 3namics is very proud to present the blacktapes 003 and 004 recordings exclusively for Filmari Webradio as there is only one #1 that drives your moves.. tune in @ 23.59 (Frankfurt time) and enjoy another special blacktapes night from refluXxer!

WHO'S refluXxer

> Techno DJ from Frankfurt (Germany) also playing House and Electro
> General Management of 3namics Frankfurt (Germany)

> Resident DJ of Radio Filmari, Trieste (Italy)
> Resident DJ of Radio107, Rome (Italy)
> Management of AlienForce DigitalLabel Stip (Macedonia)
> Artist of Frequenz-Booking Frankfurt (Germany)

>>> refluXxer - Style

> Deeply bass addicted, hypnotizing and progressive Techno House
> Electronic grooves with a driving beat, sometimes dark & weird influences, even experimental

>>> refluXxer - Name Info

Reflux is a technique involving the condensation of vapors and the return of this condensate to the system from which it originated. It is used in industrial and laboratory distillations. It is also used in chemistry to supply energy to reactions over a long period of time.

>>> refluXxer - Personal Info

In 1977, refluXxer was born as son of a well educated and skilled musician near Frankfurt am Main (Germany). refluXxer was quite young when he got in contact with his passion - MUSIC. Early he gained experience in classical piano as well as in acoustic and electronic guitars. At the end of the nineties refluXxer and some friends established an own band in which he contributed as singer and songwriter, composing and performed own songs only. New electronic elements also had been integrated quite early into their style...
After numerous journeys through the club scene in and around Frankfurt am Main (Germany), he identified quickly that electronic music is his real core passion. At the end of the nineties he finally discovered his enthusiasm for DJing and so started to experiment with the turntables of his friends. This was the time he designed the cornerstones of his distinctive sound which improved steadily regarding its high quality of music and mixing skills.
In 2010 refluXxer prepared for facing an important personal objective: Working in the music business. Together with a close friend he built up the base for a record label in Frankfurt am Main (Germany): Moonbrown Records. Besides his friend acting as Creative Director, refluXxer took care for the General Management and was able to set up everything for a successful future collaboration. Moonbrown hosts a show at the local radio RadioX in Frankfurt am Main and refluXxer joined the show as resident DJ.
In summer 2011 refluXxer finished the management as well as other collaboration with Moonbrown Records and started to work on his own projects 3namics Frankfurt, using all the experience he gained in the music business before.
Since November 2011 refluXxer joined the listed artists of the booking agency Frequenz-Booking in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). He intensified his international activities for webradios and since January 2012 he is resident DJ of radio107 in Rome (Italy) and as well as on Filmari Radio in Trieste (Italy) since February 2012. Besides that, he contributes regularly with guest DJ mixes to (Slovenia), Insomnia FM (Romania), Cuebase-fm (Germany) and DT FM Radio (UK) from time to time.
Permanently continuing building-up 3namics Frankfurt, refluXxer is currently working on various music business related subjects. In March 2012 he started to collaborate with join AlienForce DigitalLabel in Stip (Macedonia) resp. joining the management of this label.
You can get an impression of refluXxer’s sound every week on webradio streams in various countries. In May 2012 refluXxer and L.I.Chtkind launched their first 3namics podcast on DT FM Radio (UK) but suspended them after several shows. This podcast will be continued on another radio station in the near future. After doing everything on his own, refluXxer finally gets promoted by a close friend from London (UK): B.T.B. Blue Tone Boy. He is professional mixing and mastering engineer as well as song writer and producer. He is also ambassador of Frank Rose Children Support Foundation.
In June 2012 refluXxer finished the first phase of doing lots of promotion in order to place him in the market and now prepares for the next step: Producing its own sounds.
refluXxer is also preparing a new residency on / Romania and will be guest DJ of various podcasts e.g. the underground Techno WASTPODCAST and another new one on TheMovement (India). Furthermore he is permanently negotiating regarding international bookings, just signing a contract for playing in Turkey.
As head of 3namics Frankfurt he stays in permanent contact to his colleagues and friends in the international music business but: For sure, he is playing events and parties as often as possible – as true musician and DJ this is the real determination where his creativity reaches the maximum...
You can be curious about interesting news to come up regarding the activities of refluXxer for the music business.

>>> refluXxer played…

> Clubs:    Tanzhaus West Frankfurt (former Space Place), Dora Brilliant Frankfurt (former Cantina), Club 59 Frankfurt (former Toppers), Vinylbar Frankfurt (now bar99), Elfer Music Club Frankfurt, Celsius-Bar Frankfurt, Liquid Club Hanau, Club Déjà Vue (former Paramount Park Rödermark), MC Premium Limburg, Studio 111 Saarbrücken, Club Rouge Natternbach / AT

> Radio:     Radio X Frankfurt, Radar Radio Darmstadt, Webradio (Germany), Webradio Adrenalin.FM (Slowenia), Webradio Radio107 (Italy), Webradio Radio Filmari (Italy), Radio DT FM (UK), Webradio Insomnia FM (Romania)

>>> refluXxer - Links (refluXxer mixes on Soundcloud) (private facebook profile) (refluXxer official profile on facebook) (refluXxer’s group on facebook) (refluXxer’s profile on Resident Advisor) (refluXxer’s profile on MySpace) (refluXxer mixes on (Alien Force Digital Label on Soundcloud) (refluXxer’s artist profile of Frequenz-Booking Frankfurt) (Radio107, Rome) (Radio Filmari, Trieste)

>>> refluXxer - Contact

> Private contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
> refluXxer contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (music business)
> 3namics Frankfurt contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (any communication)